CH Images started back in 2015 providing coverage at Hillclimb, Barnier raceway (Grafton) & Other motorsport events in the Coffs Harbour area.

After a move to sunny QLD the business started expanding with more events being covered (Khanacross, Hillclimb, Dirt Days, Autocross & Motorkhana)

But in 2018 things really started taking off with our introduction to Rally where we very quickly became the name of QLD rally events with unrivalled coverage.


Fast forward a only a few years and CH Images was (And still is) the go to for QLD motorsport events with the name attached to numerous publications ranging from Club level through to state & national events.

When the opportunity came up to start at speedway events, it opened a whole other world & Things moved forward very quickly.

Now with a growing team, CH Images has become a large contender within the QLD & NSW Motorsport world.

Our fast & unmatched coverage at events makes us the first choice for several Motorsport clubs/Venues with all our team being accredited/licenced through Motorsport Australia & Speedway Australia.

Below are some of our achievements to date:

Queensland Rally Championship Series 2018/19/21/22/23, QLD Hillclimb Championship 2019/20/22/23, QLD Motorkhana Championship 2020/21/23, Rally QLD 2021/2022, QLD Khanacross Championship 2021, Leyburn Sprints 2022/2023, Pittsworth Sprints 2022/2023, Australian Motorkhana Championship 2022, Australian Hillclimb Championship 2022, Australian Super Sedan Title 2023, Kings Royal 2023/24, QLD Production Sedan Title 2023, QLD Microsprint Title 2023,  Australian Khanacross Championship 2023 + Numerous State/National Speedway & Motorsport events.

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